Outpost: We have staked our territory with love, so that all who we encounter can seek refuge.  Outposts are a place where you can experience the presence of a loving God, that lives in our midst.  We come to God with open hearts, for one another.  Outposts are a place to ask questions and seek wisdom, because God is infinitely knowable and fears no question. Your Outpost group will go off on tangents, were the Holy Spirit guides the conversation. You’ll find prayer when you need it and you'll find a community of people who love you for who you are. You are the community to which each of you need in the moment. Be present, be you, live on the borderland.  

On a practical level we hangout together, have open discussion’s probing the Bible.  Some nights it will seem like a traditional Bible Study, but other times you may spend time in prayer or just getting to know one another.


Evans: 4817 Tanglewood Dr. Nashville, TN. 37216

Wed: 6:30 



Stump: 1007 Stainback Ave Nashville, TN. 37207

Wed. 6:30



Martin: 2704 Sandy Dr. Nashville, TN. 37216

Wed. 6:30