Restore the image of God in everyone and unify the body of Christ.


Our Values

Redemption-We believe all of creation was redeemed by the life of Christ, the death of Christ and the resurrection of Christ.

Christ Centered-We believe Christ is the fullness of who God is and embodies perfect love. As a church we seek to emulate Christ perfection daily.

Kingdom Living-We believe the Kingdom of God is at hand and represents the presence of Heaven on earth. Our responsibility as followers of Christ is to maintain the kingdom God with our actions.

Vulnerable Transparency-We believe the community of God refines us as individuals, but we foster a safe space for painful honesty without judgement.  We want you to be fully present with your presence.

Work of the Holy Spirit-We believe the Holy Spirit imbues us with the power and vitality of God.  We make ourselves vessels of the Holy Spirit, to speak life, hope, love, mercy and forgiveness of sins, to even do greater things than Christ.

Refuge-A place of refuge for those forgotten

Borderland Mission is a forerunner in the Post-Church world, creating a unifying theology, that thrives in practice.
— Borderland Team